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Welcome to Low Stress Dairy

New: e-Learning Courses for Low Stress Dairy Training

If you can't get to a seminar - why not have the seminar come to you! To find out how click here: About e-Learning Courses

New: Low Stress Dairy Training Seminar

    This is a new practical and interactive seminar especially produced for training of farm staff on farms. The outcome is better well-being for cows and people on the farm.

    • This seminar is best done before the busyness of calving.
    • It is best done before bad habits develop in the milking parlour.
    • It is important that every staff member is present including managers! The best time to do this is in June or July when the new season's team is first formed.
    • This seminar is fun and interactive. Neil uses videos and stories to illustrate the information.

    This will be one of the best seminars you could have to get your team working together with each other and the cows.

    For more information check out: Seminars

    Cost $2000 (+GST) plus mileage.

    For smaller farms, Neil can do this seminar with 2 or 3 farms combined at one site sharing the cost.

    Book your training now!

    • Phone: +64 6 756 8914
    • Mobile:+64 272 21 7712

    or Contact Us.

    Low Stress Dairy Webpage

    This webpage aims to share information between vets and farmers on the welfare and well being of the dairy cow. You will find information on cow flow and low stress handling, cow behaviour, lameness and other related topics.

    You can also buy videos or booklets of Neil Chesterton's teaching series on Lameness and on Cow flow.

    Have you heard of the "Cow Bath" for post partum paralysis? Check out the Vet Info tab. You are welcome to contact Neil with any questions.

    Updated April, 2016

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