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About Neil Chesterton

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    Neil graduated from Sydney University (Australia) in 1974 and came straight to Inglewood in New Zealand, where he is still in clinical practice. His interest is the prevention of lameness in pasture fed dairy herds. In recent years this interest has focused on the importance of herd management on the farm tracks and in the milking shed. His understanding of cow behaviour is resulting in practical ways for farmers to reduce foot damage and subsequent lameness. As a result of this work and his contribution to veterinary practice in New Zealand he was awarded an Honorary BVSc by Massey University.

    He has been investigating the causes of lameness since the early 80's and has had 3 papers published in the New Zealand Veterinary Journal. In 1989 he was awarded the Australasian College Medal for his work in this field. More recently he was the 2013 recipient of the Golden Glove award given by the Dairy Cattle Vets Association of New Zealand. He has produced booklets and teaching videos covering all aspects of lameness in pasture fed dairy herds.

    Neil travels regularly around New Zealand investigating herd lameness problems and presenting seminars to farming groups, consultants and veterinarians. As well as this he continues his research, presenting results at conferences worldwide. He is a consultant to the Healthy Hoof Programme of DairyNZ.