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Footbaths, Cow Behaviour and Cow Flow, Cow Flow and Stockmanship, Management Guidelines, Cow Flow and Facilities, Slopes and Steps

    Cow Flow and Stockmanship

    Very often the reason cows won't move quietly through your facilities is the way they are handled. This article suggests good stockmanship is the route to good cow flow.

    Download the entire article Cow Flow and Stockmanship

    Management Guidelines

    This is a summary of the "rules" for managing your herd to prevent lameness.

    Download the entire article Management Guidelines

    Cow Flow and Facilities

    Very often the reason for poor cow flow can be a problem in the facilities.

    Download the entire article Cow Flow and Facilities

    Open Hip Reduction

    This a video for vets showing a method of replacing a dislocated hip.

    To view the video click on the link or copy and paste into your browser. http://youtu.be/CmaEneiBnew

    Slopes and Steps

    Often the best answer for a slope is to put in steps. This article provides all the information on designing steps.

    Download the entire article Dealing With Slopes