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Articles and videos for Vets

    Here is a video on Lifting Down Cows using both a strap and hiplifters

Open Hip Reduction

This a video for vets showing a method of replacing a dislocated hip.

To view the video click on the link or copy and paste into your browser. http://youtu.be/CmaEneiBnew

    Slopes and Steps

    Often the best answer for a slope is to put in steps. This article provides all the information on designing steps.

    Download the entire article Dealing With Slopes

    “The Cow Bath ”
    with Neil Chesterton BVSc. A Booklet and short DVD.
    Cost on application. If you want to build your own cow bath we can supply CAD drawings and specifications.

    This is a booklet and DVD with all the information you will need to know about water floatation diagnosis and therapy for post partum paralysed cows.

    Down cows continue to be a problem on all dairy farms world wide. Whatever the cause of the cow being unable to stand, it is important that early treatment and effective nursing is employed to enable the cow to be standing and eating as quickly as possible. The cow bath is one method of lifting and nursing a down cow. It is not a magic bullet but is a very useful tool in its place.
    This booklet is an overview of the cow bath procedures and includes a short instructional DVD. It contains instructions on how to build and use the cow bath. It will be useful to vets, technicians and farmers

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    Nothing to do with cows but here is a video on retained placenta in a horse