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Latest NZ News: BDD is here to stay?
For the last 3 years we have been surveying dairy farms in New Zealand and have discovered that Digital dermatitis is indeed present on the feet of a small percentage of cows. It can be found on over 60% of dairy farms but usually only a few mild cases are seen.
What to do:
If you are a dairy farmer the first thing to do is to be informed about this disease. We have released a new updated information leaflet available (see below).
Next, every farmer should check the feet of their cows - look at the video (below) on how simple this is.

Healthy Hoof Information on BDD (Infectious Lameness) - what to look for and how to treat.
This is a new and emerging problem in New Zealand.
Appearance: A typical case of digital dermatitis goes through a number of stages.  The early lesion is seen as a moist, light grey brown, exuding area with mottled hair at the back of the foot.  It has a characteristic foul odour. 
Open the whole article as a printable pdf document.
If you have a case on your farm check the whole herd for BDD at milking time
Footbathing is one method of control of this disease.
Footbath information for large grazing herds can be found here.

This article discusses footbathing as a control measure.
Footbathing Information

More information on this disease is included here:
Digital Dermatitis - Causes, Treatment and Control


Updated:  11/June/2018