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Neil is a Healthy Hoof Provider and recommends that a farm with an ongoing lameness problem should consider joining the Healthy Hoof Programme.

For an introduction about the Programme - Healthy Hoof Flier

To locate your local Healthy Hoof provider contact your local veterinarian or Dairy NZ:

Healthy Hoof Information Page

These are the best solution I have seen yet for end gates of herringbone sheds. As far as I know the only supplier of these is:

Hotter Engineering
2 Collingwood Street
Taranaki, New Zealand
Email russell@agritechnz.co.nz


This gate release system can be used to open the paddock gate at a certain time to let cows come home to be milked at their own pace. This can save time and takes the pressure off the cows since there is no one behind them pushing them along. Someone just needs to round up the last stragglers.

Novel Ways Ltd
436 Morrinsville Rd, RD4
New Zealand
Freephone: 0800003003 Ph: +64 7 856 6270
Fax: +64 7 856 6439
Email enquiries@novel.co.nz


Where you have a problem with slippery concrete the best solution that I recommend is to scabble the surface. Contact Dave Peters for this service.

Sure and Safe Surfacing Limited
31 Byron Street
Leamington, Cambridge
New Zealand 3432
Phone 0800 666 754
Mobile 027 518 7696

Sure and Safe Website

Updated:  11/June/2018